Since the first day we started our activities, we have aimed to grow with the understanding of management, customer satisfaction, sustainability and social responsibility and to be the companion of our customers.

Error-Free Production with CNC Support

High Productivity, Precision Capability

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We design and produce for you
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Our company, serving in the metal sector in Izmir Bornova, aims to develop with the right steps in the axis of customer satisfaction, to be a symbol of reliability, continuity and prestige for products and sub-industry from domestic quality and standards, together with its employees.

On Time Delivery

Timely delivery with fast and error-free production stages with our experienced, trained staff and state-of-the-art machinery in order to give the desired properties (surface, shape and size) to the material we order.


Years of Experience

With the right steps on the axis of customer satisfaction!


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Heavy Commercial Vehicle Parts

Construction Machinery Parts

Gear Group Parts

Energy Sector Parts

Cold Forging Parts

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